What happened to the car enthusiast?

It seems that nowadays, the quality of people in this car “scene” has deteriorated. Every forum and fan page is filled with numbskulls that can’t grasp the concept of open-mindedness. How can you call yourself a car enthusiast and not be able to show respect for another person’s preferences? It doesn’t mean you have to like it, but respect it as they possess for their car the same passion as you do about your car.

I don’t know when the pivoting point was for all of this. I don’t remember things being like this about 10 years ago. Everyone was still doing the F&F thing, but the maturity level was a lot higher than it is now. Any shit talking was done in person or it wasn’t heard. Now people wait until they get home and put their mindless drivel in the various comment sections and threads. What’s going on now is embarrassing in comparison to what the car culture during our parents’ youth was like.

A lot of these fads have just added fuel to the fire. The worst probably being the “stance” fad. When did ill-fitting wheels and cheap coilovers become a build? It has introduced droves of people into the culture who would not otherwise bother modifying a car because it’s been made easy. These people do not care about quality or heritage. The way replica wheel companies are thriving is a direct result of this. The main concern of these people is to fit in and know when the next illest-swag-bro-snapback is coming out. Just look at the apparel that’s being marketed by a lot of these blogs. It’s catered to this type of person and blogs are capitalizing off of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are still true enthusiasts out there, but they are getting few and far between. I think it’s really unfortunate that the culture is moving in a direction of divisiveness and disrespect towards your fellow car guy/girl.


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    When I wrote the post I wondered if it was a problem that only plagued the culture stateside, but I guess not. I do...
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    The problem is: as our scene exploded in popularity, so too did the number of styles that fall under the late-model...
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    I couldn’t say it better myself. Trash talks meant to stay as a joke between friends. And yeah… Stance… Uhm, no. Nuff...
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